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The story of Brae

Move over Rudolph!
After being approached in 2012 by a charity to design a Christmas card I agreed to paint a reindeer. I remembered that in 2008 I had visited a Reindeer herd in the Cairngorms so I dug out my photographs. A very handsome reindeer became my muse, although I knew nothing about him. After trying to think of a name, other than Rudolph, I decided to contact the herd owners to see if they recognised him and this was their amazing reply...

"What a beautiful painting! We thought it was Brae so we've double-checked in his photo archive to find a 2008 picture of him to check that the antlers match, and it is indeed him. Brae is now 9 years old, having been born on 6th May 2003. He is one of our gelded males which are the ones that are trained to harness, so he'll be going out and about on tour over the next 6 weeks to the Christmas parades we do all over the country, including Basingstoke on Sunday 25th November. He is a really cheeky reindeer and can test our patience at times, but he's great fun!

He is on great form just now, and he's grown great antlers once again this summer. His mum Twister is currently the oldest reindeer in the entire herd at 16 years old, and she's out free-ranging on the Cairngorms right now."